Forest cabins and campsites

Forest cabins and campsites provide for remote getaways

The Forest Service maintains a number of public-use cabins on Prince of Wales Island. Cabins can be rented for up to 14 nights. All the cabins offer special settings. You might drive to a cabin perched on the edge of a saltwater inlet. Another cabin will be accessible by rowboat across a lake (boat and oars provided, but you could bring your own small outboard motor). Alpine cabins are accessible by floatplane. Each cabin offers unique sights: leaping whales or rocky cliffs, giant cedars or a stream overflowing with salmon. See the table below for accessibility. Camping is available for tents and RVs at Eagles Nest and Harris River sites. Cabins and campgrounds are marked on the centerfold map. Reservations are required for cabins. Browse at or call 877-444-6777. For information online, go to

Barnes Lake 
Black Bear 
Control Lake 
Honker Lake (canoe) 
Josephine Lake
Karta Lake  + 2 mi hike 
Karta River 
Kegan Cove 
Kegan Creek + .5 mi hike 
Point Amagura 
Polk Camp 
Red Bay Lake (.75 mi hike & 1 mi row)
Salmon Bay Lake 
Salmon Lake 
Sarkar Lake 
Shipley Bay 
Staney Creek 
Sweetwater Lake
Trollers Cove