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Today is: December 6th, 2021
El Capitan Cave Trail

Animal sightings are rare at El Capitan Cave, but there is abundant wildlife sign. River otter tracks are sometimes visible. Small organisms live on rocks and in pools. Bears have used the cave for thousands of years. A 370-step staircase leads to the cave entrance and the U.S. Forest Service runs free guided cave tours […]

Cavern Lake Trail

An easy, one-tenth-mile walk on Cavern Lake Trail touches one of the island’s remarkable karst features.  The trail leads to a viewing deck which provides views of the mouth of Cavern Lake Cave and the stream coming out of the cavern. Visitors are not allowed to enter the cave, because conditions within the cavern are […]

Beaver Falls Karst Trail

Beaver Falls Karst Trail is handicap accessible and offers a wonderful overview of karst systems.

Whale Pass Bible Church

Sunday school for adults and children at 10:00am. Service @ 11:00am. We are a Bible teaching church. Everyone is welcome!

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