Coast Guard License Class

6 Pack to 100T Master's 10-day Class. Licenses are required in order to legally carry passengers for f=hire. this includes charters for fishing, sightseeing, diving, transportation, teaching, or any use which is considered a "passenger for hire," situation. Many companies require them for boat deliveries.

A Master License is required if you operate "inspected" vessels. Inspected vessels are allowed to carry more than 6-passengers. To become inspected, the vessel must be built in accordance with rigid USCG Commercial Vessel Inspection Standards.

POW Community Meeting

Join us in discussing workforce development and long-term job creation on POW! FREE dinner! Door prizes for attendees!

Klawock School Food/Bake Sale

Klawock Chieftains Volleyball team is doing a fundraiser for travel and other volleyball expenses! Come support your Chieftains! Lumpia and Pelmeni

FREE Klawock Community Salmon Bake

FREE community salmon bake tomorrow, Thursday, September 15th, 6pm at the ANB Hall. Come and learn about Klawock Sockeye Salmon from the POW Tribal Conservation District and Klawock Indigenous Stewards Forest partnership. Come enjoy fresh salmon, listen to the current state of the Klawock Lake Watershed, hear an update from Dennis Nickerson, POW Tribal Conservation District, an update from Steve Heini, ADF&G, and an update from Klawock Indigenous Stewards Forest Partnership.