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November 5th, 2022

Today is: December 3rd, 2022

Yaaadaas Clan Pole - Welcoming Home Gathering

POLE COMING HOME: In 1906 Chief Saanaheit (Wilson Peele) from Gasa’áan (Kasaan) Alaska was commissioned to take some poles and a house to Redondo, L.A. California where American Indians from across the country were invited to set up camp for the Indian Crafts Exhibition. From there the pole went into private collection until 1951 when it was found in a lumber yard waiting to be turned into pulp. It was saved by the Colorado Springs Fine Arts Center and displayed in their courtyard for the next 55 years. In 2006 the pole was taken down for remodeling. It was decided that the pole was not strong enough to stand up again and back into storage it went. We have artifacts and poles in every major museum in the world and nothing has ever, ever been repatriated to our village, let alone a massive frontal pole. This is absolutely epic. Pictured here is a postcard from the exhibition. The Organized Village of Kasaan will welcome this pole home on November 5th at 1:00 in Kasaan Alaska.

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Beautiful rustic two bedroom cabins with kitchen and a view that overlooks the ocean. Hideaway allows 6 people per cabin. The perfect place for a quiet getaway!

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Karta Wilderness Trail

Karta Wilderness Trail / 5.5 mi / 4.5 hours / more difficult / No road access, Kasaan Bay

Distance: 5.5 miles
Average: 4.5 hours

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