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Our Story

Hydaburg, on the southwest coast of Prince of Wales Island, is accessible by floatplane, boat or by driving the Hydaburg Highway. The blacktop road to Hydaburg is off the Hollis Highway and contains turnoffs that lead to Forest Service trails, picnic areas and points of interest.

During the early 1700s, a group of Haida people crossed from Haida Gwaii (in British Columbia, Canada) to Prince of Wales Island. The first migration landed in Kasaan; others later established major settlements at Howkan, Hlinkwaan, K’ay, K’aanii, Sukwaan and Kuy Gandlaas. In 1911, these villages consolidated in Hydaburg.

Hydaburg is the most populous community of Haida Natives in the U.S. The community is rooted in tribal values and relies on historical and cultural relationships to the land and sea; residents take great pride in their ability to harvest resources in a traditional manner. A totem park was built in Hydaburg during the 1930s. New poles have been raised in the park in recent years due to a growing interest in preserving traditions of the Haida people.

An excellent time to visit is during the annual Hydaburg Culture camp. The community comes together to teach Haida language, song, dance, carving, weaving, beading, and traditional food gathering and preparation. The camp is followed by Haida Festival. These events are usually in the last week of July.

Hydaburg hosts a large number of Haida artists, carvers and weavers. Please feel free to contact the HCA office with questions at 907-285-3666 or [email protected].

Accommodations in Hydaburg, Alaska

There are plenty of places to stay in Hydaburg, but they can fill up fast especially in the summer months so it’s best to plan ahead. Check out the accommodations available in Hydaburg and contact them today to book your trip!

Hiking Near Hydaburg, Alaska

There’s no better way to start your day in Alaska then by taking a hike. Check out the hiking trails located near Hydaburg and add them to your itinerary. You’ll be sure to hear and see a plethora of wildlife and abundant plant life in the forests!
More difficult

Trocadero Trail

This relatively flat trail offers good wildlife viewing and leads to Trocadero Bay, ending at Snipe Creek. From there hikers can follow another path which leads to the Trocadero Bay estuary.

Distance: 1.3 miles
Average: 1 hour
Most difficult

One Duck Trail

One Duck Trail is a mountain alpine trail off the Hydaburg road. Steep slopes are strenuous but afford access to world-class Sitka black-tailed deer hunting in season. An older three-sided shelter at the top of the trail is available first-come, first-served.

Distance: 1.25 miles
Average: 2 hours

Dog Salmon Fish Pass

Dog Salmon Fish Pass wildlife viewing area is on Forest Road 2100 (Polk Road) about 12 miles from the Hydaburg Highway turnoff (Highway 913) toward Polk Inlet. It’s about a two-hour drive from Craig. This wildlife viewing area offers excellent opportunities to watch from an elevated vantage as black bears feed on salmon. Fish congregate […]

Distance: .2 miles
Average: 10 minutes
More difficult

Canoe Point Trail

The trailhead is located at the Canoe Point Picnic Area in Trocadero Bay which is roughly 8-miles by water from Craig. This trail can only be accessed by boat or float plane. It is a short trail that leads to a spectacular 130-foot waterfall. This area is a popular destination for boaters and kayakers. Salmon […]

Distance: .25 miles
Average: 15 minutes

Upcoming Events in Hydaburg, Alaska

Check to see what events are happening in Hydaburg, Alaska during your visit. Attending local events is a great way to get immersed in the rich culture on Prince of Wales Island. There are many festivals and celebrations planned throughout the year!
  • Start: July 22nd, 2024
    End: July 26th, 2024
    Location: Hydaburg
    Contact Email:
  • Start: July 29th, 2024
    End: July 31st, 2024
    Location: Hydaburg City Gym
    Contact: PAWS
    Contact Email: [email protected]
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    I lived there in the summer of 1969 I was 10 years old. It was hard to make friends as I was white eyes, or so told.Had to defend myself and did that gained me some respect. I am now 61 and still have very fond memories of the nature and way of life there. I was far to young to understand the politics behind the hate of my race. I am much wiser now and would love to see it again. Maybe if I do, this time I would be welcomed. I at that time was the only white kid that was not afraid to mingle. I have not changed much.

    32°49’ W Longitude — 55°12’ N Latitude

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