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The rain forest ecosystem of Southeast Alaska's is home to a variety of land animals including black bears, Sitka black-tailed deer, gray wolves, mink, beavers and river otters.

Whether you're driving along the scenic byways, going off-road to explore the wilderness, or hiking into lakes and rivers, be on the look-out for the bountiful wildlife. Keep your binoculars and camera close at hand to capture nature at it's finest. 

An endless journey of beautiful sights and furry friends

the enviroment

Wild and Free


of Furry friends

During your adventures on Prince of Wales Island you're likely to see an abundance of wildlife.

Bring your binoculars and camera so you can view the animals from a safe distance. Remember - wildlife can get wild!


Mink are semi-aquatic creatures which frequent the shores of the ocean, rivers and lakes.

Gray Wolf

Gray wolves, or timber wolves, live in packs in the forest and can be heard howling at night.


Black Bear

Hundreds of black bear live on Prince of Wales Island in the forest and feed near rivers.


During your explorations of lakes and rivers you may find dams and a beaver-stick  to take home!


Sitka black-tail deer are numerous on the island. Fawns are seen often on the roads in the Spring.

River Otter

River otters live, eat and play near beaches, rivers and lakes around the island. They are fun to watch!

Alaskan wildlife awaits

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