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Canadian Geese

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Bald eagles, great blue herons and ravens are year-round residents. Geese, swans and ducks visit on migratory journeys and some choose to overwinter. Rufous hummingbirds arrive in April from as far away as Mexico to spend the summer. Visiting songbirds grace the forests. 

Several species of owls and hawks inhabit the woods. Kingfishers and loons frequent inland lakes and estuaries such as Thorne Bay. Showy cormorants spread wings to dry, commonly on docks and buoys. Visiting plovers and yellowlegs scour soft shorelines for fodder.

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winged friends

More than 80 species of birds can be seen throughout the year.

Birdwatchers from around the world come to Prince of Wales Island. Between the forests, wetlands and sea, there are many opportunities to see bird activity.

Blue Herons

The Great Blue Heron is a majestic birds who frequently is seen along the ocean shores.

Blue Jays

Stellar blue jays are often seen in the forest and wetlands flying and singing to their hearts content.


Ravens are common on the island and they are some of the most intelligent birds in existence.

Bald Eagles

Near the ocean shores eagles can be seen perched high in the trees searching for their next meal.

Blue Heron


Song sparrows can frequently be heard singing in the forest. A soundtrack for your hike.

Spruce Hens

Spruce Hens, or Grouse, are commonly seen in the forests, especially near hemlock groves.


Feathered friends

Our wilds provide ample food and long days, perfect for feeding and breeding. Study birds' habits and habitats.

Know their feeding routines. Move quietly and enjoy the feathered feature. Robert H. Armstrong's Guide to the Birds of Alaska is a good companion for birdwatchers.

Rufous Hummingbird


Rufous hummingbirds migrate to Prince of Wales in the summer from as far away as Mexico. 


Horned grebes spend their summers in Alaska in the ponds and wetlands around the island.



Greater yellowlegs migrate to our island and are frequently seen along the shorelines in summer.

Canadian geese

Canada Geese

These large birds migrate to Southeast Alaska in the summer and are seen in large numbers.

Sandhill cranes


Greater sandhill cranes migrate to the island and can often be found hanging out in the wetlands. 

Trumpeter swans


Trumpeter swans can be seen on lakes around the island and frequently winter here. 


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