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Prince of Wales Island is the third-largest island in the United States. There are nearly 1,000 miles of North Pacific Ocean shoreline, and a couple thousand miles of roads to explore. Discover small, friendly towns where people live close to the land and the sea. The subsistence lifestyle is embraced by most Alaskans. Come to where Alaska Native culture presents ancient traditions and carvers welcome your questions as they work on new totem poles. And an alpine hike and a halibut charter are all in a day's play.

Outdoor Activities Abound

One Island: Many Adventures

Did you ever think you need to get out more? Do it in a place that has so much more out to get! Opportunities to experience the great outdoors are almost unlimited on Prince Of Wales Island. You can also explore the human presence, from ancient native stone carvings to remnants of the logging and mining industries. Along with some of the best fishing in some of the cleanest waters on the planet. 

Scenic Byways

Scenic Byways aren't just for motorist. Bring your bikes and get close to the spectacular scenery on the several hundred miles of paved roads.

Have A Cave Day

Walk the Beaver Falls karst landscape interpretative trail in old growth forest, then follow a guide into El Capitan Cave - the largest known cave in Alaska. 

long days on the water

Whether you're into fishing, whale watching, wildlife viewing, kayaking, or all of the above, there are plenty of opportunities to get out on the water. 

Economy & Resources

Fish, timber, visitors and minerals are fundamental to the island. 
The service sector flourishes in areas from charters to lodging.
Prince of Wales Island oysters are world class delicacies.
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Native Arts & Culture

First peoples presence reflect in community, lifestyle and artistry.
Alaska Natives on the island share Tlingit and Haida cultures.
Klawock Totem Park displays 21 restored and replicated poles.
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Local Artisans

POW Island is home to talented people inspired by natural beauty.
Where writers, musicians, dancers, artisans and carvers thrive.
Local events celebrating artisans are scheduled throughout the year.
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Island Events

POW Island Marathon and Half-Marathon

Sunday, May 26 2019, 8:00 am - 12:00 pm, at Craig, AK

Marathon in 20th year as the island's signature spring event!

Salmon aren't the only creatures running by the hundreds in springtime.

The 20th Annual Prince of Wales Island Marathon and Relays and the Eighth Annual Half Marathon leave the scenic starting line in Craig on May 25, 2019. Scores of participants take off on an out-and-back course that skirts shoreline, forest and Alaska Native sites.

The guest speaker in 2019 is Jered Weber-Johnson, son of the man who organized the first marathon in 1999, the late David "Roadkill" Johnson. The younger Johnson is a graduate of Klawock High School and a former competitive runner. Jered Johnson is an Episcopal priest in Minnesota and is expected to take part in the 20th running of the race that his father founded.

Along with thousands of island residents, the event has drawn runners from all over Alaska and from across the United States. Marathoners from Outside run our course to claim an Alaskan bib in pursuit of a 50-state race career, or to qualify for one of the major international runs.

Prince of Wales Island's Boston-certified race layout takes participants through a swath of Tongass National Forest; past Raven-Mink Alaska Native clan house; near a totem pole carving shed surrounded by ancient poles at rest; across hills; and over streams. Sightings of eagles and other wildlife are routine. Genial race volunteers, many of them in exotic costumes, provide 14 hydration and aid stations on the 13.1-mile route.

The race includes a marathon and half-marathon for men and women as well as relays for four- and eight-person teams. The race is limited to 400 participants to ensure "that quality reigns throughout." The race features five youth teams, each with 15 members ranging in age from kindergarten through fifth grade. Visitors have remarked on the energy these youngsters bring.

Prince of Wales Island Runners Club enlists about 50 businesses and island residents to sponsor the event. The two-day event features friendly gatherings over food, starting with the pre-race pasta feed in Craig on May 24. On race day, participants, staff and volunteers gather for a finish-line seafood and hamburger feed. Post-race massages are available for the road-weary. The awards ceremony includes a snack buffet. Race weekend ends with an adult gathering at Hill Bar.

Kasaan By the Sea Run/Walk

Saturday, June 08 2019, 8:00 am - 12:00 pm, at Kasaan, AK

Jim Beard Memorial Kids’ Fishing Day

Saturday, June 15 2019, 8:00 am - 12:00 pm, at Thorne Bay, Ak

Firecracker Fun Run

Thursday, July 04 2019, 8:00 am - 12:00 pm, at Craig, AK

Hydaburg Culture Camp

Monday, July 22 2019, 8:00 am - 8:00 pm, at Hydaburg, AK

The 23rd annual culture camp celebrates Haida heritage. Hydaburg Cooperative Association, the tribal authority, sponsors teaching of Haida language and traditional songs and dances. Carving, weaving and beading are practiced. Participants gather and prepare traditional foods. Canoe races, swimming and other races follow the camp.

Thorne Bay Days

Friday, August 02 2019, 8:00 am - 8:00 pm, at Thorne Bay, Ak

Thorne Bay Days commemorates incorporation of the city—but it’s mostly an excuse for families and friends to party. The Thorne Bay Pignic on Friday is sponsored by the city's emergency services. Organizers roast a whole hog for an outdoor family social with picnic-style food at Thorne Bay Cafe, then coffee and dessert at Church of Thorne Bay. Music is provided by local talents. Tickets usually sell out in advance. Events on Saturday, sponsored by the city and Thorne Bay School, include kayak races in the harbor; newbies are welcome after a primer on safety and paddling. There’s a 5K walk and jog on streets and back roads. Family games are set up during a fabulous fund-raising lunch put on by one of the Thorne Bay School’s programs.

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