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Port Protection, Alaska

INCORPORATED Unincorporated
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Our Story

Port Protection is nestled in a quiet cove three miles south of the northern tip of the west side of Prince of Wales Island. Access is by boat or floatplane. A gravel boat launch at Labouchere Bay, a little more than a mile from the community, provides access to the road system.

In the early 1900s, Wooden Wheel Johnson gave the cove its name. A trading post established in 1946 ran for a quarter of a century, growing into a warehouse, rental cabins, dock facilities and fuel sales. The permanent community of Port Protection was established in 1981 through the state’s land disposal program.

Commercial fishing is the principal industry; gillnetters and trollers homeport here. Local artists produce drawings, paintings, carvings of wooden boxes and writing. Full-service and self-service lodging is available nearby. A boardwalk in the forest provides charming access to residents’ homes. Most services are seasonal in Port Protection. Call Wooden Wheel Cove Trading Post for updated information: 907-489-2222.

For remarkable photographic and narrative perspectives on this community and the area,
see an island resident's blog at www.alaskafloatsmyboat.com.

Accommodations in Port Protection, Alaska

There are plenty of places to stay in Port Protection, but they can fill up fast especially in the summer months so it’s best to plan ahead. Check out the accommodations available in Port Protection and contact them today to book your trip!

Hiking Near Port Protection, Alaska

There’s no better way to start your day in Alaska then by taking a hike. Check out the hiking trails located near Port Protection and add them to your itinerary. You’ll be sure to hear and see a plethora of wildlife and abundant plant life in the forests!

Upcoming Events in Port Protection, Alaska

Check to see what events are happening in Port Protection, Alaska during your visit. Attending local events is a great way to get immersed in the rich culture on Prince of Wales Island. There are many festivals and celebrations planned throughout the year!

Visitor Testimonials

Amy Kessler

I lived there from 1963 until 1973. My dad was Darrell Kessler. I’d love to know if anyone is still around from that time . Thank you!

David Pahle

In 1975 my wife Pauline myself my father and Stepmother Joseph and Doreen Woodin We flew out to Port Protection from Juneau. We were going out there according to my father to finish our process of purchasing the trading Post and rental cabins and all the docks on a VA Small business loan. While I fell in love with the place instantly my father came up with a reason for not going through with the purchase. I don't know if any of what my father said was true but I wanted to go for it. So my Father and Wife, from LA, wanted nothing to do with it. I have been in love with Alaska ever since moving to Edna Bay with my parents at 7 years old and we lived there until 1960 when we moved back to the lower 48. At any rate I fell in love with Port Protection and watch the show following each season.

133° 36’ W Longitude — 56° 19’ N Latitude
est. 63

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