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Gift Certificate Drawings
The sooner you are vaccinated and signed up
the more drawings you will be eligible for
The Prince of Wales Chamber of Commerce last weekly drawing for ALL vaccinated persons 12 & up is Friday, June 25th, with Grand Prize Drawings on Monday, 28th, and the last of the Drawings on Tuesday, 29th. Good luck everyone!
  • If you are NEWLY VACCINATED, May 17th forward, DO NOT REGISTER ONLINE. Call the POW Chamber office @ 755-2626 to enter!
  • ALL persons vaccinated before May 17th may register online. ALL newly vaccinated persons, May 17-June 28th, must fill out their Prize Drawing form from the clinic or Call the POW Chamber office 755-2626.
  • Drawings will be Friday, June 25th, Monday, June 28th, and Tuesday, June 29th . Eligibility is limited to vaccinated persons and residency in POW-Hyder census areas.
  • Friday's Drawings will include: $250 (x2), $500 (x2), and $1000 (X1) and a $500 Alaskan Airlines gift certificate for the 16+ category; $250 (x2) for youth 12-15 years of age. Winners are eligible for one prize per DAY and automatically re-entered for Monday/Tuesday drawings.
  • $2500 (x3) Alaska Airlines Gift Certificates will be drawn as Grand Prizes on June 28th as well as 16 individual community Drawings with a minimum of $770 per community prize winner ages 16+.
  • $5,000 (x4) for Grand Grand Prizes on Tuesday, June 29th, for the 16+ category. Any unspent Grant money will be drawn at this time.


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