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August 8th, 2024

Kasaan, Alaska
Today is: July 22nd, 2024

EmPOWerment Camp

6-12th grade kids are invited to learn basic survival skills to build confidence and motivation! Limited to 50 students!

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Discovery Cabins

Beautiful rustic two bedroom cabins with kitchen and a view that overlooks the ocean. Hideaway allows 6 people per cabin. WiFi/Smart Tv's available. The perfect place for a quiet getaway!

Hiking Near EmPOWerment Camp, Alaska

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Karta Wilderness Trail

Karta Wilderness Trail / 5.5 mi / 4.5 hours / more difficult / No road access, Kasaan Bay Please Share this event.Share on twitterShare on facebook

Distance: 5.5 miles
Average: 4.5 hours

More Upcoming Events Near - Kasaan, Alaska

When visiting Kasaan, Alaska it's nice to plan your trip around special events happening in the communities near you. 
  • Start: August 5th, 2024
    Location: Kasaan Peele Community Hall or Zoom
    Contact: Organized Village of Kasaan
    Contact Email: [email protected]
  • Start: August 8th, 2024
    End: August 10th, 2024
    Location: Kasaan, Alaska
    Contact: Andy West
    Contact Email: [email protected]
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    Andy West
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