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Business Category: Medical

Today is: March 1st, 2024
Pacific Pediatrics, LLC

Elisa Rosier, MD, FAAP, is a board-certified pediatrician providing pediatric care and peer support services via telehealth for Alaskans at Pacific Pediatrics, LLC. 

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Island Care Services, LLC

Island Care Services, LLC is dedicated to providing individualized services for clients that require a professional to help them navigate their healthcare needs.

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Jeannie's Touch Massage

Jeannie is highly trained in Swedish massage. The benefits of Swedish massage include increased blood circulation, mental and physical relaxation, decreased stress and muscle tension, and improved range of motion.

Prince of Wales Health Network

A network of healthcare organizations collaborating to strengthen the healthcare system on Prince of Wales Island.

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Join us for our regular POW Chamber Board Meeting
Friday, March 8th, 2024
You are invited to join the POW Chamber board in person at Generations Southeast POW Campus (old VocTech) or via Google Meet. Link above.
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