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Prince of Wales Chamber of Commerce

Abby Twyman
November, 2019
Today is: April 14th, 2024

The Chamber of Commerce on Prince of Wales Island is a nonprofit network of businesses and individuals who support economic development activities which benefit all the communities and people of Prince of Wales Island. Since 1991, the Chamber has been dedicated to supporting the wise use and development of resources on the island which promotes business and community prosperity, and well as providing information about the island to residents and potential visitors. The Chamber has around 250 members, publishes the Island Guide annually, maintains the visitor site Discover POW Island, supports local organizations through sponsorship and fundraising, and provides annual scholarships to high school graduates from around the island.

Prince of Wales Island Guide

Members of the Chamber benefit greatly from the publication of the Island Guide every year. This beautifully designed guided is the premiere location for residents and visitors alike to learn about the island and everything it has to offer. Included in the guide are beautiful pictures, interesting articles, travel information, business listings, and business advertisements.

The guide is available as a downloadable PDF as well as in print. Hard-copies can be picked up around the island at member business locations or from the Chamber office via pick-up or mail.

Discover POW Island Visitor Site

The visitor website Discover POW Island was published in 2018 and was designed to be the go-to resource for anyone around the world looking to learn more about the island and all the amazing opportunities for adventure it has to offer. In addition to all the spectacular pictures and information about the island, there are also pictures and articles about the island posted regularly to the blog and social media accounts on Facebook and Instagram.

Sponsorship and Fundraising

The youth of Prince of Wales Island represents the next generation of leaders who will be in charge of future planning and decision-making. Given that, the Chamber believes it's essential to invest in their education and training. Every year, applications are accepted for scholarships which can be used to pay for tuition at the institution of higher education of their choice. The Chamber takes special pride in the recipients of these awards and celebrates them regularly through and annual grantee update newsletter.

Contact the Chamber of Commerce

Whether you're an individual community member, an organizational leader, a business owner, or a person interested in moving to or visiting this unique island community, it's worth your time to reach out to the Prince of Wales Chamber of Commerce. They exist to help the island grow and prosper, and look forward to developing strong connections with as many people and businesses as possible to support this mission!



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